This barn is 36 Feet across the front and 20 Feet deep.  Includes 8, 30" Auger Installed Tie-Downs. The center is open and can accept a roll up door if desired up to 10' X 10' (Extra Charge for each door). Besides the open access in the center of the barn the barn is fully enclosed. The outside walls are 7' and gradually increase to 9' where where the side buildings meet the center building. The legs on the center building are 11' and the barn is 12' 9' approximately at the center peak. Custom Quotes Availalble by calling 888-762-2933.

A Frame Barn, Roof and sides only

This a useful building for the person not concerned with secuity and just wanting protection from the elements. A great hay barn, equipment barn or storage for many other items. This building measures 36 X 20, is anchored to your level land with (16) 30" Auger Installed Tie-Downs. The center section has 10' legs and the outside legs are 6'. We can also install this building on your cement slab, footings or concrete pillars and will red head the base to the concrete. Call for custom quote. Also available without sides.

A Frame Barn/Shop with 3 Roll Up Doors

This is a fully enclosed and accessible 36 X 20 A Frame Barn. It would also make a nice commercial shop with 3 bays. The Roll-Up Door in the center is 10 X 10 and the two  other Rol-Up Doors are 9 X 7. Each bay is 12' wide with the center bay measuring approximately 13' 9" in the center and the legs of the center bay are 12 high. The side bays are both 8' on the outside legs and slop up and connect to the center bay at 10' high. This building can be built on your level land or on your concrete slab, footings or cement pillars. Call for custom quote.