Single Carport

Size: 12' X 21'. Includes 30" Auger Installed Tie-Downs. This carport has 5' vertical side posts. Installed on your level land, concrete slab or footings. Call for pricing.

Tall Carport for RV or Heavy Equipment

This building is 18' Wide x 26' Long comes with 10 legs. Good building when you have a lot of different types of toys and equipment. Boats, wave runners, motorcycles, tractors can all fit under this cover. Increase the height to 13' and you can cover most RV's (Taller Buildings Available). Price includes building with 10' legs and enough Tie Downs to guarantee your building in winds up to 90 MPH. Call us for a custom quote and to place this order when installing on concrete or blacktop  530-894-1031.



RV Carport with Lean Too

Add a Lean Too to your Carport. This combination of RV Carport and Lean Too will fit your RV, family car and tow car. This pictured combinatiion RV Cover and Lean Too measure 12' X 31' X 11' for the RV Cover and 14' X 31' X 7' for the Lean Too. Auger installed tie-downs are included in this building certified to withstand winds up to 90 MPH. If you already have or plan to install your building on a slab or blacktop the price drops. To order your custom building suited to your needs call us at 530-894-1031

RV Carport Partially Enclosed, Room for Storage

Here is a very practical carport. It will house your  RV and boat and has a lot of room for storage. It's big 30' X 41' with 2 sides enclosed and one end enclosed. The side walls are 12' high and the center is just over 17' high. You will need a slab for this building and the price for the slab IS NOT included in our price. We are happy to install our buildings on your level concrete slab. Optional enclosed end and Roll-Up Door available as well as walk-in doors and windows. Call for custom quote that includes installation.