Size: 10' X 10'. Includes 30" Auger Installed Tie-Downs. This shed includes 1 6' X 6' Roll Up Door, a Metal Framed  Floor with 3/4 plywood platform. Call for pricing.

Shed with Porch No Railing

This is a nice shed with a shady front porch. We have optional railings windows and walk-in doors for this shed. All our sheds have a steel framed floor with 3/4" plywood deck. Our sheds can be built in the custom configuration you need or simply add to cart and buy this 10 X 12 Shed with front porch and Roll-Up Door. We will install this unit, including the porch and 30" Auger Installed Tie-Downs. Call for pricing.

Shed with all the Extras (Almost)

This is a very nice Shed. It has all the options like a window, Roll-Up Door, Gable End, Porch with Railing and an Entry Door. This shed is 12 X 21 X 7 feet high on the sides. Choose from 12 colors and add this beautiful shed to your cart. If you need to customize this a bit more, or would like it bigger or smaller, call us or fill out the "Custom Quote" form and we will get your building priced out.