Deposit Price: $179.50
Total Price: $1,795.00

Size: 10' X 10'. Includes 30" Auger Installed Tie-Downs. This shed includes 1 6' X 6' Roll Up Door, a Metal Framed  Floor with 3/4 plywood platform.

Shed with Porch No Railing

Deposit Price: $219.50
Total Price: $2,195.00

This is a nice shed with a shady front porch. We have optional railings windows and walk-in doors for this shed. All our sheds have a steel framed floor with 3/4" plywood deck. Our sheds can be built in the custom configuration you need or simply add to cart and buy this 10 X 12 Shed with front porch and Roll-Up Door. We will install this for 2,195.00 plus tax including the porch and of course 30" Auger Installed Tie-Downs

Shed with all the Extras (Almost)

Deposit Price: $387.00
Total Price: $3,870.00

This is a very nice Shed. It has all the options like a window, Roll-Up Door, Gable End, Porch with Railing and an Entry Door. This shed is 12 X 21 X 7 feet high on the sides. Choose from 12 colors and add this beautiful shed to your cart. If you need to customize this a bit more or would like it bigger or smaller call us or fill out the "Custom Quote" form and we will get your building priced out. This building is priced at 3,870 plus tax installed