Question: How long will it take to get my carport delivered after I place an order?

Answer: Delivery usually taked 2-4 weeks upon the date the order is received from the dealer.


Question: How long will it take for my steel structure to be assembled?

Answer: Standard buildings are assembled in about an hour but it may take up to two days depending upon the size and type of structure.


Question: What size do I need to make the concrete pad?

Answer: Once an order is placed and the 10% down payment is received you are eligible for a set of engineered certified plans that will give you the recommendation for your concrete pad.


Question: What are the dimensions of the carport outside to outside?

Answer: Width x Length x Height (ex. 18 x 21 x 5).  Length dimension is measured by the roof metal with 6" overhang on each end.  Therefore, the bottom base rail is one foot shorter than the roof.  Width is measured from outside base rail to the other outside base rail.


Question: What is the highest leg height I can order?

Answer: 12' is a standard leg height.  Anything about 12' can be done.


Question: How much adjustment do you have to level your carport?

Answer: You have about 2-3 inches to work with.


Question: Why should I consider a vertical roof versus a horizontal roof?

Answer: The vertical roof lets water, snow, etc. run off quickly and does not let it pond up on the roof.


Question: Can you add to a carport after it is already installed?

Answer: Yes.  There will be an extra service charge.  The original carport must be an American Steel Carport.  In order to add walk-in or overhead or roll-up doors, the original carport must be 6 feet or taller.


Question: What is the pitch in the center of the carport?

Answer: Pitch on the roof is 3/2 & 4/12, but the pitch can be customized to fit your needs.


Question: What types of anchors do you have?

Answer: 3 foot temporary pin anchors for ground, clay or asphalt installation (not responsible if you shoose pin anchors only).  Double helix mobil home anchors for ground and clay installation only (extra cost).  Concrete anchors for concrete installation only (extra cost).


Question: Do I need a permit?

Answer: You need to contact your local building department.


Question: Does color affect my price?

Answer: You can choose a different color top, trim, sides and ends at no additional charge from our standard 12 color choices.


Question: What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: We accept personal or chasier's checks, money order, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Paypal.