A Frame Barn, Roof and sides only

This a useful building for the person not concerned with secuity and just wanting protection from the elements. A great hay barn, equipment barn or storage for many other items. This building measures 36 X 20, is anchored to your level land with (16) 30" Auger Installed Tie-Downs. The center section has 10' legs and the outside legs are 6'. We can also install this building on your cement slab, footings or concrete pillars and will red head the base to the concrete. Call for custom quote. Also available without sides.

Cooper Carports is a distributor for American Steel Inc. American Steel Inc. Your rights and responsibilities as the purchaser of an American Steel Inc. building is outlined on the back page of your contract. Buyers agree to indemnify and hold harmless Cooper Carports for any act by American Steel Inc. and/or the customer before, during and after the construction of your steel building. Coopers Carports accepts no liability whatsoever. All results of work performed by American Steel Inc. is between the customer and American Steel Inc. Any disputes must be settled directly with the manufacturer and builder American Steel Inc. Cooper Carports will make phone numbers and addresses available to the customer upon request.

Color Chart

We offer 12 different color options that you can choose from, making it easier to match the surroundings. Our panels are 29 gauge steel. They are available in standard lengths of 21', 26' and 31'.