Our steel house kits with bolt-together red iron framing assure your family the strongest, safest, and healthiest choice in new home building today!​

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Superior materials and fully-engineered designs give Kodiak homes the edge.


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Explore the elements of our steel-framed homes and see the many choices available to you.

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Once your bolt-together steel framing is in place, your options are the same as with any other construction.


All of our frame styles can accommodate any exterior finish or interior design.
Call today to purchase your custom architectural plans, this is the first step on the road to your new home.


Strongest Framing Available

A Kodiak Steel Homes® kit offers you a superior alternative to typical home construction. We have adapted one of the most successful types of commercial construction — pre-engineered steel framing — for the residential market. Our bolt-together “red iron” framing serves as the backbone for the strongest, safest, and healthiest shelter you can provide for yourself and your family. Even better, our homes are economical, easy to build, and attractive. No other system can do as much for you. A handful of other steel home companies also have bolt-together red-iron framing, but only Kodiak Steel Homes kits use structural steel I-beams for the main columns and rafters. We have the strongest residential framing system available . . . period.

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